Spartiates – Chapter HJ-24 – Sparti


The Spartiates (Greek: Σπαρτιάται, “Spartans”) or Homoioi (Greek: Ὅμοιοι, “those who are alike”) were the males of Sparta known to the Spartans as “peers” or “men of equal status”. From a young age, male Spartiates were trained for battle and put through grueling challenges intended to craft them into fearless warriors.

2014-2015 Chapter Officers

President: KOLOKOURIS Angelos
Vice President: TZINIERIS Nikon
Secretary: ZARAPHONITIS Panos
Treasurer: ARVANITIS Dimitrios
Warden: TSEGGOS Kostas

HJ-24 Meetings & Events

HJ-24 Recent News


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