Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As I have mentioned to you, AHEPA HELLAS District 25 now has a total of 14 Chapters, with the recent addition of three new Chapters that were opened in year 2011.

In October, Solon Chapter HJ-4 was approved and it is domiciled in Halandri, Attica. The Chapter President is Mr. Marinos Dimitriou, a well-known attorney who specializes in international business in Greece & Cyprus. The Chapter now has 25 members.

Argonauts Chapter HJ-13 is located in the municipality of Argalasti in the Prefecture of Magnesia. It was approved in December and it’s President is Mr. Nikos Ntokos, who is very active in local, social and municipal affairs. The Chapter now numbers 20 members.

Philippos Chapter HJ-14 is located in Kavala. It, too, was approved in December and now has over 20 members. The Chapter’s President is Mr. Dimitrios Tzimas, a well-known attorney in Kavala, with a varied portfolio of clientele. He is also the legal advisor for one of the biggest Greek banks in Kavala.

We are indeed very proud with the three new Chapters and we expect great things to come from them. What is also of great significance is that the Brothers are, to the last one, very active in their communities and they are young, mainly in their 30s and 40s. So, we are building for the future.

Let’s all of us welcome the new Chapters with open arms and find ways to work with them in joint projects for the benefit of our local societies and for the Good of AHEPA.


Nick Papadopoulos

District Governor

AHEPA HELLAS District 25