Leaders of AHEPA in Greece, the United States, and Canada pose for a commemorative photo. (Photo by Constantine S. Sirigos)

ATHENS – AHEPA Greece continues to make strides that impress members and leaders of the Order in the United States and Canada. Supreme President in the USA George E. Loucas and Canadian Supreme president Christos Argiriou, on their way back from participation in an international conference in Jerusalem, expressed their congratulations and support on December 14 at a meeting of the leadership of AHEPA HELLAS District 25 were they were welcomed by Supreme Governor Efstathios Kefalides and Lt. Governor Konstantinos Varsamis

Participants travelled from distant points to participate, including Thessaloniki, Corfu, Volos, Larisa, Kalamata, Chania, Thasos, and Rhodes. Supreme President Loucas declared during his brief speech, “Thank you for all you do, for the level of work and commitment in Hellenism’s birthplace…I admire what you do here as Ahepa in Greece – I mean it from the heart.”

The District 25 leaders efficiently and pleasingly  hosted four functions, a board of directors meeting, the speech by Supreme President Loucas, the establishment of a new chapter located in Paleo Faliro, and a solemn initiation ceremony for more than 25 new members who marched in a line into the room, right hand on their new brother’s shoulder and later learned about the principles and values that helped the organization thrive in the United States and which they believe will contribute to building a new Greece, with dedication to mutual support, Hellenism, and excellence.

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AHEPA Supreme President USA George E. Loucas addresses guests flanked by District 25 Hellas Greece Supreme Governor Efstathios Kefalides and Supreme Secretary George Horiatis. (Photo by Constantine S. Sirigos)

During the meeting a proposal to establish Hellas Greece offices in Athens was passed unanimously several initiatives were highlighted, but after the close of the formal meeting, the work members are pledged to do continuously, promoting brotherhood and mutual support began in earnest as people stayed for networking and discussions about their chapter projects and personal endeavors.

The conference attended by the North American delegation was focused on the rapidly developing relations between Greece Cyprus, and Israel titled New Realities in the Eastern Mediterranean which was sponsored by the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies, The B’nai B’rith, AHEPA, and the American Hellenic Institute. The panel discussions in Israel ranged from diaspora relations, military readiness, new economic opportunities for the three countries, and their diasporas.

AHEPA Executive Director Basil Mossaides said he was thrilled to be able to be at the meeting in Athens with several members of AHEPA’s Supreme Lodge, including Supreme Secretary George Horiatis.

It was announced that the annual District 25 mid-winter conference on February 9, 2019 in Athens will feature a seminar on leadership by Manhattan’s Delphi Chapter 25 President Lou Katsos.