Loyal to its appointment with sports and youth, the Nafpaktos chapter of AHEPA – Lepanto 1571 is organizing this year’s AHEPA CUP 2018 Beach Volley Tournament from 20-22 July in Nafpaktos.

AHEPA, under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of sports and co-organizers of the municipality of Nafpaktos, theWestern Greece District and the sports club Omonoia Nafpaktou, invite the athletes to become the protagonists of the tournament and have fun with the king of summer sports.

The tournament, officially announced on the official website of AHEPA District 25, concerns groups of 2 people who are compulsorily composed of a boy and a girl (mixed). Although it is open to any athletic level (OPEN), the teams of the final octave are traditionally very strong and promise an impressive watch and plenty of excitements.

Τηε major sponsor is Embryolab– Medical Assisted Reproduction Unit, which has been operating in Thessaloniki since 2004.

Silver sponsors are “Παπαδοπούλειον” (Papadopoulion) – a home for the elderly based in Kalamata, and “TerraMedi” based in New York that promotes Greek oil products in the US.


Information on the details of the tournament can be found in the tournament announcement as published on the website ahepacup.blogspot.gr.

This successful event has already accomplished in highlighting Nafpaktos as a meeting place for AHEPANS in Greece and abroad and adding value to the city as a summer sports destination.

These competitions advertise the city internationally, since the event has been promoted among others in the Omogenia media, such as the National Herald, in the official “AHEPAN” magazine with worldwide readers, and in the social media of the AHEPA in the United States. The city aspires to have success this year as well, showing the best part of the city to the outside.”


Πηγή: https://www.thenationalherald.com/207264/ahepa-cup-2018-beach-volley-the-sport-appointment-in-nafpaktos-video/