Athens, Greece – April 10, 2013 – The Hellas District 25 chapters had the opportunity to discuss issues affecting Greece during the economic crisis and how AHEPA can support in the recovery and revitalization. Past District Governor George Dussias outlined the need for AHEPA to assist with attracting investors to invest in Greece either by establishing business ventures, exporting Greek products and developing networks.

Furthermore, there was a discussion on efforts for AHEPA in USA to utilize local and national media as well as networking to promote tourism to Greece. Other issues included promoting the AHEPA Journey to Greece for University students’ summer educational credits program. An effort will also be taken on to promote students from Greece to travel to USA for educational purposes. AHEPA Glyfada reported on its most recent roundtable discussion forum to discuss Safety in Greece and to promote Tourism and the Journey to Greece program by developing a video with community leaders.

AHEPA Hellas reported on creating a business directory for AHEPA members to utilize to support each other and become familiar with each other as well as we have grown to include 26 chapters and about 700 members to date. AHEPA Sparti presented their program to attract investments in high technology to create a center of technology and to utilize the very talented and highly educated workforce rather than have the young individuals leave Greece for work opportunities. AHEPA Sparti presented a plan to create an alliance with Israeli investors. AHEPA Halandri presented a plan to establish a web-based television magazine program with the assistance of Greek National Broadcasting ERT to promote AHEPA programs.

AHEPA London was also present to participate and indicated the strength of the London Greek community business and social network and desire to motivate and grow the chapter and also participate in the economic recovery and business networking efforts for business in Greece.