The philanthropic organization AHEPA is the largest organization of Greeks Abroad. It was created in 1922 by expatriate Greeks, and has chapters in USA, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, Australia and other countries. As in past years (decades) the organization has offered considerable assistance to the Greek people after the destruction of the Second World War and so now once again has initiated an assistance program and solidarity towards the Greek people who are mostly affected by the economic crisis in Greece.

As part of this effort and during the Christmas 2012 holiday season, the local AHEPA Kavala, chapter HJ-14 Philippos, offered one (1) ton of food to the Holy Metropolis of Philippos, Neapolis and Thasos Kavalas to meet our fellow citizens food needs within the Prefecture, impacted by and affected by the crisis, who are facing serious survival problems.

The food aid included 50 parcels of dry food (pasta, rice, beans, tomato sauce, sugar, flour, evaporated milk and such). This initiative was taken (by the members) offering 50 packages of dry food by AHEPA KAVALA, in cooperation with the Charitable Organization of the Archdiocese of Athens “APOSTOLI MISSION”. Metropolitan Philippos distributed these food packages on Friday, December 21, 2012 to distressed citizens of Kavala. (Below is Metropolitan Prokopios’ letter certifying the discretionary distribution and his appreciation to AHEPA.)

Since a unilateral coverage of food needs for a short term, such as Christmas, does not eliminate our problem, it’s our obligation and we all together – and each of us individually – with enduring acts that express active solidarity work to continue aiding needy families in our city and neighborhood and must support the existing infrastructure such as community groceries, soup kitchens, etc. to continue the effort.

We would like once again to thank District 25 AHEPA HELLAS and the Greek District Governor Mr. Nikos Papadopoulos for his contribution to our efforts.