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Balkan Economic Forum

Posted by in on 5-4-15

Balkan Economic Forum

The Balkan Economic Forum was established in 2014 for the development and implementation of innovative strategies and creative solutions to the current economic challenges facing the countries that share the Balkan Peninsula in order to stimulate regional economic growth which, in turn, strengthens regional cooperation, peace and security.

The Balkan Economic Forum is independent of any national government, political party or any other vested interest and operates with an inclusive approach that respects universal human rights and recognises the potential of every individual to actively contribute to the achievement of tangible economic development for the social welfare of a region.

In furtherance of this mission, the Balkan Economic Forum serves:

• To advance regional economic development by focusing on the creation of diverse investment opportunities with the participation of key financial institutions to promote sustainable employment, socio-economic stability and the protection of vital natural resources on which certain industries, food security and public health depend;

• To build partnerships that create education and training opportunities through collaboration among businesses and accredited institutions of higher learning;

• To forge alliances that bolster peace, security and regional stability with cooperation on issues including corruption and the risk of external threats; and

• To promote international recognition of the Balkan identity by raising public awareness of the value and contribution made by Balkan countries to the wider European and global economies as well as to the preservation of its proud multi-cultural heritage.

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