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Athanasios Palos Papantonopoulos

Posted in , on 5-14-13

Athanasios Palos Papantonopoulos

Athanasios Palos Papantonopoulos Director AKTIS AVTeam Email: Cell: +30 6937-027486 Work Telephone: +30 211 0125377 Website: – Address: Ellis 1 Halandri Athens 15232 Greece AKTIS AVteam AKTIS AVTeam is a certified ISO TUV-Nord company and was founded in 1999 and continues the long-standing efforts of the TAN Papantonopoulos Film and Television School, one of the premier film and television schools in Athens from 1963-2005. Our eductional interests provided programs in telecommunications, film and television production. We have state-of-the-art in-house production facilities located in three areas in Greece, including a 500m2 Virtual Studio, a post production facility, and dedicated full HD format documentary shooter/editor and production teams. AKTIS AVTeam has provided extensive technical and creative video production services, to a diverse range of companies, producing commercials, educational videos, children’s programming, documentaries, infomercials, corporate films, music videos, film productions, DVD productions, magazine programs and accessible media for the disabled. AKTIS AVTeam also has a patented audiovisual system for moving vehicles in the Technogenesis EU Programme. Infomagic Services Ltd Global video email campaigns. In-house pre-production, production and post-production services. We plan, produce and deliver quality HD video for the...

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